Welcoming the Stranger (Border Initiative)


SIGA’s work in Central America took us to the US/Mexico border in 2019. Why? Because so many Central Americans have fled their homelands in order to seek asylum, and because we already have connections along the border, with partners in Tijuana, Mexico and now in Texas.

It’s not just Central Americans that congregate along the border. Desperate people from Haiti, Cuba, Cameroon, and other parts of the world come there, hoping for a way to a better life. They arrive because of humanitarian crises at home; and their arrival creates another humanitarian crisis at the border.

The investment is so small. Just $37 will provide food, beverages, hygiene supplies, and travel assistance to an asylum seeker who must travel further inland while awaiting their immigration hearing. SIGA’s goal is to welcome them while providing the most basic of necessities for their journey.

Our success at fundraising will determine how many individuals we can assist. Our goal is to provide for 1,500 sojourners, so $37 x 1,500 = $55,500! We will be working with experienced organizations, and our time alongside them will also help us to identify future ways to be involved. With your help, we believe that we can do it!

FUNDS RAISED TO DATE: (as of October 31, 2021): $3,125. This will help 84 individuals!