Economic Empowerment Initiatives

In the remote villages along the Sarapiquí and San Juan Rivers, jobs are extremely limited, especially for women. Most of them have little or no education and few job skills. SIGA’s Learning Center offers women vocational training to help teach them marketable skills.

Some women have expressed a desire to start a bakery, and there is a demand locally for baked goods. However, these women would never be able to get a business started on their own, because they would not be able to raise the capital with which to buy the necessary equipment, not to mention a facility in which to operate. They would also need to be trained on how to run a business. The Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiative is designed to assist on both fronts.

SIGA has purchased a lot of land upon which to build a bakery, workshop and gift shop. The workshop could produce silk-screened items such as t-shirts, as well as sew totebags that could be customized for sale to organizations or church groups. The equipment included in this proposal includes kitchen equipment such a a commercial-grade mixer, oven, refrigerator, and freezer, as well as heavy-duty sewing machines and silk-screening equipment.

Estimated project budget:

Fees, licenses, and permits ———————– $ 3,000

Building construction ——————————-   25,000

Appliances and equipment ———————–   22,000

Safety, training, contingencies ——————     5,000

Total —————————————————– $55,000