Rama Nation (Nicaragua)

“I want my people to progress, so that they might have a better life”—Pastor Hilario McCrea John

The Rama are an indigenous (Native American) people of the Caribbean coast of southern Nicaragua. They know how to work and live in community with one another and in harmony with nature. They care for their land, a fertile terrain rich in natural resources. Their rivers are teeming with fish. Deep into the tropical rainforest that is their ancestral home, a canopy of towering trees providing shelter to the abundant flora and fauna below.

During the Civil war that ripped apart  Nicaraguan society during the 1980’s, their way of life was destroyed.  They were left destitute, and have yet to recover. Today, the Rama continue to be subjected to discrimination and exploitation.

Even so, they are a people of faith, so they walk by faith and not by what they can see today, believing that what God promised to another band of oppressed and exploited people is a promise to them as well: “I will bless you with a future filled with hope—a future of success, not of suffering” (Jer. 29.11, CEV). There is much that the rest of the world could learn from them.

Some of our ongoing initiatives with the Rama include college scholarships, school supplies for children, and collaboration on the Indian River Indigenous Mission church project. SIGA’s supporters helped to fund a new church building, which the Rama built themselves, under the leadership of Pastor Hilario. Now, SIGA continues to collaborate with matching funds for improvement projects to the church, which will include electricity, a bathroom, and furnishings. Recently, the community raised funds to install doors and windows, and this was matched by SIGA.