Floating Library

Showing off their favorite books

To expand the outreach of the Arbolitos Library, SIGA acquired a used boat which, with the help of volunteers, was patched and painted and launched as the Biblioteca Acuática or Floating Library. This project was funded by a generous donation from a retired educator, who purchased the boat, paid for the repairs, bought a new 40HP motor, and stocked it full of books to lend to the children in the many small pueblos along the rivers.

Children on a field trip to library

Our friends at the Give-A-Book Foundation allowed us to further stretch those dollars by acquiring the books for 1/3 of that price, and container shipping from the USA was donated. It was a dream come true!

Of course, with many blessings come new challenges. As more people hear about our Floating Library, many want to come and experience it first-hand. The boat can comfortably carry 8 persons, but even then we are pushing it. So SIGA is now working on ‘upgrading’ the boat so that 15 or more can accommodated. Watch in future months for reports on the Floating Library II.

As you can see by the pictures, we need a bigger boat (already under construction)!