Ministerial Training

For the complete plan, visit the page for Sarapiqui Institute for Ministerial Excellence & Retreat Center.

The purpose of the planned Sarapiqui Institute for Ministerial Excellence & Retreat Center is to provide ministerial training and leadership development programs, as well as a place of spiritual refuge and renewal, to ministers and church leaders.

Moving forward on Phase I of the Institute for Ministerial Excellence

In 2009, SIGA received two grants to purchase resources for the Institute’s theological library, a key component of the project. Thanks to these grants, several thousands of dollars worth of ministerial resources were shipped from the USA and delivered to the Arbolitos Library & Learning Center.

The goal of Phase I is to begin working with ministers of the region (inside and outside of the immediate river region where we serve) by encouraging them to learn and offering them resources with which to do so. Few of them can afford books, but they all can borrow what we have to offer. We will also offer seminars and workshops to help them grow in their ministries, as well as “encuentros” (‘encounters’) for churches and missions groups, once additional phases of the project are complete.