SIGA Ministry Partners, Inc. is a 501(c)3 public charity.

Financial contributions by check may be sent to:

SIGA Ministry Partners, Inc.
P.O. Box 928
Troy, VA 22974
As you consider supporting this ministry, the following are our funding needs and current project initiatives:

Operating Budget–goal $20,000

The operating budget keeps the boat afloat and our 4WD vehicle’s tank full and in working condition, covers operating expenses such as electricity, water, mowing, and maintenance, real estate taxes, and ministry supplies. This is what sustains the day-to-day ministries. Our field personnel are self supporting.

Special Initiatives

Special projects are funded by designated gifts. 

Indigenous Scholarships for Rama Nation youth in Nicaragua–$325 per year per student
… SIGA’s scholarships make the dream of a college education a reality for indigenous youth. These scholarships pay registration, boat fare to/from campus, and a small stipend for supplies. We expect to see at least one young person successfully complete his studies in 2018!

Economic Empowerment Initiatives–$200 – $300 per initiative
… help worthy candidates “create their own economy” by sponsoring home-based micro-business projects. From selling used clothing, to creating their own products through sewing or baking, it only takes an investment of $200 – $300 to get someone on their way! Unlike many micro-business sponsorship programs, we are not money lenders. Rather, we make investments in the lives of worthy candidates, hoping that, once successful they “pay it forward.”

Community Library Projects–$1,000 per community
The success of the Arbolitos Learning Center can be repeated in other communities. We look for local initiatives with already active children’s programs, and work with them to open their own small libraries, provide supplies and training on working with the children, and loan resources from our own facilities.

Previously Funded Projects

Arbolitos Library & Learning Center building–$20,000
Status–100% funded and completed. The Learning Center hosts a library, a computer lab, classroom, and is open for community activities. From boat mechanics, to masonry, to children’s workshops, the facility provides a place where events take place.

Arbolitos Guest House–$12,000
Status–100% funded and completed. Our three-bedroom guesthouse welcomes teams from the USA, and occasionally provides shelter for local visitors as well.

Indian River Indigenous Mission Church–$20,000
Status–90% funded and 80% completed. Along the southern Caribbean coast of Nicaragua a group of Native Americans struggle to survive. A mostly English-speaking community, they have not had a church of their own until now. The church officially opened its doors in 2017, and its pastor is one of their own, Hilario McCrea John.


Please visit the “Ministries” section of the website for additional information on these initiatives. For further information, please email: