SIGA Ministry Partners, Inc. is a 501(c)3 public charity.

Financial contributions by check may be sent to:

SIGA Ministry Partners, Inc.
3044 Campbell Road
Troy, VA 22974
Coming soon! Online giving … should be up by Sept 30, 2013

As you consider supporting this ministry, the following are our funding needs and current project initiatives:

Operating Budget–goal $25,000

The operating budget provides a living allowance for missionaries, keeps the boat floating and 4WD running, pays taxes, and keeps the lights burning in the Library & Learning Center. This is what sustains the day-to-day ministries.

Special Initiatives/Capital Projects

Special projects are funded by designated gifts. Those listed below have received partial funding, which has allowed for progress to be made on each initiative, but are still in need of additional funding.

Rama Nation Project, aka “Coyote’s Dreams”–goal $25,000
… to help a struggling indigenous community through educational, spiritual, and economic development initiatives. This project is evolving in its scope … more to come about it soon!

Economic Empowerment Initiatives–goal $5,000
… helping worthy candidates “create their own economy” by sponsoring home-based micro-business projects. From selling used clothing, to creating their own products through sewing or baking, it only takes an investment of $200 – $300 to get someone on their way! Unlike many micro-business sponsorship programs, we are not money lenders. We help the candidate take stock of their interests and capabilities, evaluate an idea, and provide ongoing business management advice and support. We SUGGEST to them that, once they are successful they should return all or part of the initial investment, so that they might make a difference to someone else, but there are no contracts and no interest fees.

Educational Initiatives–$1,000
Some students work to overcome obstacles that most of us cannot imagine. On the college level, most of those obstacles are financial–purchasing textbooks, supplies, uniforms, and computers, as well travel and lodging. Not many–but there are some–stubbornly and doggedly pursue the dream of a college education, even without scholarships or family support. We want them to achieve their dream, by providing encouragement, basic school supplies, and emergency financial assistance where needed.

List of Previously Funded Projects

Arbolitos Library & Learning Center building–$20,000
Status–100% funded and completed

Arbolitos Guest House–$12,000
Status–100% funded and completed

Computer Lab–$10,000
Status–100% funded and completed

Traveling Computer Lab–$2,000
Status–100% funded and completed

Floating Library (bookmobile by boat)–$8,800
Status–100% funded and completed

Please visit the “Ministries” section of the website for additional information on these initiatives. For further information, please email: ruth @